Get Well Soon

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Short film – horror/thriller
Completed 2011

15 min
Directed by Ian Baigent and Jack Burnford
Written by Michael Woodman


Theodore Fisk is plagued by nightmares which stem from his recent treatment for breast cancer. Now in remission, his ordeal appears to be drawing to close – but the cracks are showing in his relationship with his wife, Janet.

Janet has discovered that she is pregnant; she is horrified. After months of caring for her husband, this stark revelation makes it suddenly clear to her that she neither wants her marriage to continue, or to keep the baby.

Theodore overhears Janet discussing her pregnancy on the phone with an unknown friend. Theodore misinterprets the little that he hears, thinking Janet is still worried about his health and too overwhelmed to tell him. What he doesn’t hear is that she is looking for somewhere to stay to escape her loveless marriage.

While he waits and waits for Janet to tell him the happy news, she never does. Instead she becomes more distant, pre-empting Theodore’s own drug and alcohol fuelled decline. As the pressure mounts, inexplicable things start to happen in the house – Theodore’s nightmares seem to take on a more physical quality, and the fabric of reality gradually starts to unwind.


Staring Gresby Nash and Laura Howard

Directed by Ian Baigent and Jack Burnford

Written by Michael Woodman

Produced by Gregory Rinaldi and Alison Baxter

Director of Photography – Rory Moles

Music by Rael Jones

Edited by Ian Baigent

Supervising Sound Editor – Steve Browell

1st Assistant Director – Matthew Loudon
1st Assistant Director – Paola Lizza
3rd Assistant Director – Michael Millard

Focus Puller – Gregoire Thevenot
1st Assistant Camera – Leighton Spence
1st Assistant Camera – Jon Howard

Gaffer – Ian Stowe
Best Boy – Ashley Marsden
Spark – Segev Navon
Spark – Scott Sullivan

Key Grip – Louisa Court

Costume Designer – David Blight
Assistant Costume Designer – Emma Lindqvist

Hair and Make-up Designer – Jade Roberts

Production Designer – Sophie Wyatt
Art Director – James Harris
Art Director – Luis San Martin

Sound Recordist – Steve Browell and Patrick Roche

Titles by Simon Bronson


Beth Aynsley
Hannah Brenton
Alex Kennedy
Ella Chaltow
Richard Sloat

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