Love Letters

Short film – comedy/drama

Completed 2011

14 min
Directed by Kate Coggins


It is morning in a glamorous hotel room in London. A young man and woman are playing a game. But is Scrabble the only game being played? The two players stake their claim on the board and score points against each other in more ways than one. The power switches hands more often than the letter bag and suddenly there’s a whole lot more at stake than just triple-word scores.

Love Letters is a witty and charming short film, written by and featuring Sophie Winkleman and Freddie Windsor, that observes the early stages of a relationship played out over a game of Scrabble. In a delightful case of life imitating art, Freddie subsequently proposed to Sophie using Scrabble.

Sophie Winkleman first began writing at Cambridge University, where the show she co-wrote and performed in garnered the Cambridge Footlights its first Perrier nomination in twenty years. Her first film, which she wrote with Ben Miller, is in development with the UK Film Council. Sophie is also an acclaimed actor, whose stage credits include George Bernard Shaw’s Man and Superman and Gallileo’s Daughter, both directed by Peter Hall, and Moliere’s Don Juan, directed by Thea Sharrock. She has also performed at the RSC directed by Lawrence Boswell. Recently, Sophie has featured in Two and a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher and the much anticipated ITV production of Titanic. Her other numerous film and television credits include Peep Show, The Chronicles of Narnia, Shattered, Keen Eddie, White Teeth, Poirot, The Trial of Tony Blair, Harry and Paul, Chasing Alice, Robin Hood and The Palace.


Girl: Sophie Winkleman

Boy: Freddie Windsor

Written by: Sophie Winkleman and Freddie Windsor

Director: Kate Coggins

Produced by: BRAG Productions Limited

Producers: Gregory Rinaldi and Alison Baxter

Associate Producer: Gloria Lin

Original music by: Tom Chichester-Clark

Additional music by: Andrew Raiher

Director of Photography: Jamie Wightman

Editor: Kate Coggins

Production Designer: Mari Lucaccini

Costume Designer: David Blight

Make-up Designer: My Alehammer

First Assistant Director: Tom White

Second Assistant Director: Adam Morris

Third Assistant Director: Tom Fenwick-Smith

Sound Designer: Tim Hands

Sound Editor: Tim Hands

Sound Mixer: Thomas Clark

Visual effects by: Aubrey Woodwiss and Ross Hvidsten

Titles Designer: Ross Hvidsten

Camera Assistant: Andres Claridge

Lighting and Cameraman: Ian Mann

Stills Photographer: Tania Dolvers

Script Consultant: Calum Carpenter

Trailer edited by: Ian Baigent


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  1. Ian Cawtheray says:

    Hi Guys,

    As a massive fan of Sophie Winkleman, I have to ask – when if ever will this short film be released? I asked the same question some 12 months ago and have a specifically professional interest in seeing Miss Winkleman’s writing/directorial debut



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