Ain’t life Grand

Monday turned out to be the day of hotel terraces – the Grand (we knew where it was hiding this time) and the Majestic – and yachts – Kodak and Pinewood. Nicely glamorous, but much more suits than celebrities, you can almost smell the deals being closed. Judging by the daily reports from the likes of Screen International and Variety and the smiles everywhere, this is turning into a bumper year for sales especially.

We’re staying a bit outside the centre of town, in an area called La Bocca, and initially felt like the poor relations. Little did we know that staying away from the thick of it, in some cases miles and miles away, is what everyone does and no-one talks about. A few days in and it makes perfect sense. As well as the obvious cost benefits, it’s really nice to be able to escape at the end of the day.

In fact, we’ve fallen a little bit in love with La Bocca in its own right. Buses into the centre are frequent and quick, we have shops, restaurants and even a daily market right on our doorstep and the beach is a hop, skip and jump away. Basically La Bocca rocks!

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