Cannes 64 – recession, what recession?

The general feeling on the Croisette is one of bustle and industry you can almost see the big ideas hatching and next year’s Palme D’Or winner taking shape, a very different atmosphere to when we were last here.

We are very excited about the next few days (and a bit miffed that we missed the screening of the current favourite – Lynne Ramsay’s MEGA come back We Need to Talk About Kevin).

On top of our rather packed agenda this week are, in films, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tree of Life and Restless. We’re also looking forward to a couple of talks at the UK Pavillion – The King’s Speech from development to distribution, and Lynn Ramsay on We Need to Talk About Kevin and the challenges of adapting a novel to film.

Do please let us know if you think there’s anything else we should check out over the next few days. In the meantime, we’re getting an early night tonight after a rather “enthusiastic” first night in town.

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