Meeting Mrs Doubtfire

Saturday saw us in back to back meetings around La Croisette, including one we made by the skin of our teeth because The Grand’s frontage has been obscured by vast pavillions for Variety and Audi. On days like this, when the pace and intensity of Cannes are full on, it’s good to escape to the back streets for a quick coffee (or glass of something stronger) and pause.

Mrs Doubtfire at Cannes 64

We were doing exactly that late afternoon when we noticed a very familiar character causing a bit of a stir at the next table. Who knew that Mrs Doubtfire also needs to take time out sometimes.

We’re still not convinced that it wasn’t Robin Williams, the likeness was extraordinary. Regardless, meeting Mrs Doubtfire was a breath of fresh air and one of several mad moments and encounters during the day. If you can’t afford to rent space on La Croisette for a room and hoarding (and let’s face it, who apart from the majors can these days?), you can always stage a stunt. Cannes is full of people dressed in character this year, and we witnessed a convoy of old army vehicles bombing around as well as a group giving free hugs.

Even the posters might be stunts, or if they aren’t perhaps they should be. Our personal favourite so far is one for Juan of the Dead, which is apparently about Cuban killer zombies. As with much of the festival, you just couldn’t make it up.

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