The Ark

Short film – documentary
Completed 2011
15 mins
Directed by Gregory Rinaldi

BRAG follows the story of Daniel Bennett, a 27 year old park warden whose video blogs about local wildlife took on an unexpected life of their own and marked the beginning of an online phenomenon and dramatic personal journey.

New to the digital world, Daniel began blogging after he broke his leg in an accident and became bored convalescing at home. His blog, initially centered around nature in suburban London, took on a life of its own when he began to document increasingly bizarre animal activity, including birds flying relentlessly into his glass door.

Daniel has now been persuaded by some of his online community that the unusual things he has blogged about are actually signs that the next great flood is coming and he has been chosen to save the world.

You can watch Daniel’s video blogs online at


One Response to “The Ark”

  1. Lars Elkhorn says:

    I cannot believe you only spend 15 minutes on this guy. This is a wonderful opportunity to create a full-length documentary. Interviews with people who know Dan. His employers. People who believe(d) Dan and why. People who shared similar end-of-world beliefs like the group in Long Island who also believe that May 21 is the end of the world.

    I’m just saying that 15 minutes of footage is not enough.

    Keep in mind that end of world mania is coming up as December 2012 approaches. This could be a very timely documentary.

    More… more… more…

    And of course, an interview with Dan on May 22.

    …what does he do with all the money he collected?
    …what does he do with the boat he secures?
    …who made his list and why?

    This could be so compelling! Don’t drop the ball on this!

    Your friend,


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