Strike a Pose 2012

Feature film – dance comedy
Production scheduled for 2012

An 80s girl in a contemporary world, Cara dreams in technicolour and surround sound, big vibrant dreams based on 80s pop videos which transport her from a grey and humdrum existence to a colourful and exciting world. Mocked by almost everyone, Cara’s reality becomes brighter when a chance encounter propels her from small town hairdresser to stylist to her 80s idols.

But as she pursues her ultimate ambition to become a dancer, Cara discovers that even friends can be formidable opponents, especially when darker forces and secret agendas are at play. Can Cara’s dreams really become her reality or will they instead be shattered at the final hurdle?

A potent and fast moving cocktail of high comedy, iconic music and over the top dancing, Strike a Pose is a timeless tale of the triumph of hope over adversity that will make us laugh out loud and promises to be the must see film of 2012.


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