Manwalk 2012

Manwalk 2012

Manwalk is an exciting new project devised by Gregory Rinaldi, one of the producers of the award-winning documentary feature film The Mountain Within. An endurance experience set against the stunning backdrop of the West Highland Way and captured on film, Manwalk’s missions are to promote and raise money for a brilliant charity, Enham, and showcase the local landscape, culture and people. All whilst having some fun and providing some entertainment for our supporters.

Starting this Friday 25 May, Gregory and his six merry men will be  introduced to the joys and stresses of our natural environment, equipped only with maps and compasses and with only canvas for shelter.  The West Highland Way is one of the most challenging routes in the UK, boasting a varied terrain including Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain.

Enham has been making a difference to the lives of disabled people for over 90 years. Enham explores opportunities with people, so they can live the lives they choose, by overcoming limitations and expanding possibilities. Through personal development, training, housing options and employment, Enham supports people to exercise individual choice and control.

Please if you can support the Manwalk team and Enham here, and spread the word!

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