Behind the Scenes - GWS

Behind the Scenes – GWS

A behind the scenes look at the making of the short film Get Well Soon including interviews, film clips and outtakes.

Love Letters production stills

Love Letters production stills

For all fans of Love Letters, Sophie Winkleman and Freddie Windsor, here are a selection of production stills.  

Get Well Soon reviews

Get Well Soon reviews

We probably sound like a linguistically challenged announcement on continuous loop as we keep repeating that Get Well Soon is an artistic masterpiece. But it is, and happily others not only agree but also express themselves rather more creatively. Their reviews follow and unlike most BRAG posts we’re going to keep updating this one, lest […]

The Mountain Within: from screen to page

The Mountain Within: from screen to page

The executive producer of and brainchild behind The Mountain Within, Herta von Stiegel, shares her observations and insights about the lessons learnt from the project in her book, The Mountain Within: Leadership Lessons and Inspiration for Your Climb to the Top. It’s available on Amazon ( and promises to be a fascinating read. It features (among […]

Ain't life Grand

Ain’t life Grand

Monday turned out to be the day of hotel terraces – the Grand (we knew where it was hiding this time) and the Majestic – and yachts – Kodak and Pinewood. Nicely glamorous, but much more suits than celebrities, you can almost smell the deals being closed. Judging by the daily reports from the likes […]

Money money money

Money money money

One of the main reasons to be in Cannes is to raise money for your film. Assuming that you want to make your film rather than simply sell it to a studio, there are a number of finance avenues open to UK independent producers. There has been an awful lot of chatter recently about public […]

Meeting Mrs Doubtfire

Meeting Mrs Doubtfire

Saturday saw us in back to back meetings around La Croisette, including one we made by the skin of our teeth because The Grand’s frontage has been obscured by vast pavillions for Variety and Audi. On days like this, when the pace and intensity of Cannes are full on, it’s good to escape to the back […]

Cannes 64 - recession, what recession?

Cannes 64 – recession, what recession?

The general feeling on the Croisette is one of bustle and industry you can almost see the big ideas hatching and next year’s Palme D’Or winner taking shape, a very different atmosphere to when we were last here. We are very excited about the next few days (and a bit miffed that we missed the […]

Making Get Well Soon - Part 14

Making Get Well Soon – Part 14

When Ian and I sat down to watch what was practically the final edit, it was a relief,  although I knew that wouldn’t be able to get any distance and objectivity for some time. I’d watched it so many times in different forms over the previous year. The final task was to get Laura Howard […]

Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon

Short film – horror/thriller IMDB Youtube Vimeo Completed 2011 15 min HD Directed by Ian Baigent and Jack Burnford Written by Michael Woodman Synopsis Theodore Fisk is plagued by nightmares which stem from his recent treatment for breast cancer. Now in remission, his ordeal appears to be drawing to close – but the cracks are […]

Making Get Well Soon – Part 13

Making Get Well Soon – Part 13

On October 6th, Rael Jones began working on the score to Get Well Soon. Up until this point, we’d been using Nick Cave’s bleak score to  The Road as temp music, as well as some earlier ambient tracks Rael had prepared. Rael and I had been members of Thumpermonkey Lives! for a while; what we needed for this short […]

Making Get Well Soon – Part 12

Making Get Well Soon – Part 12

During mid-July, Ian arranged to meet again with Rory and Robin Freeman, (Ian’s band-mate in Hag). Robin is a chef – he supplied a number of ‘delicacies’ which were perfect for creating flash cuts of an unspecified surgical nightmare. I had plans to attend and make an ‘offal documentary’, but I thought better of it on […]

Making Get Well Soon - Part 11

Making Get Well Soon – Part 11

By early June, Ian’s son was home. Things had gradually returned to some sense of normalcy, and Ian had begun working on a shorter cut of the 30 minute assembly. Another 10 minutes of footage were shed. At that early stage, a part of me honestly thought that it couldn’t get any shorter. This cut […]

Making Get Well Soon - Part 10

Making Get Well Soon – Part 10

On May 6th, Ian picked up the rushes and took them back to the hospital. His son was still critically ill, (luckily the worst hadn’t happened, as I had anticipated); little Henry was stable at least. Having a chance to look through what we’d shot appeared to be a welcome distraction for Ian. In the […]

Making Get Well Soon - Part 9

Making Get Well Soon – Part 9

1-2 May – Second Weekend of Filming. The week in between both weekends of filming was pretty chaotic. Ian’s son was still critically ill.  We realised we needed to get on and produce a shot list based on his notes, and that we might also have to cut some corners in relation to coverage. Time […]

Making Get Well Soon - Part 8

Making Get Well Soon – Part 8

THE SHOOT: Weekend one – 24-25 April Finally, the first weekend shoot had arrived. I had worked out a prop list at the last minute, but then BRAG informed us that they had found a production designer – Sophie Wyatt. This was on the 19th, just five days before the first weekend of shooting. With […]

Making Get Well Soon - Part 7

Making Get Well Soon – Part 7

APRIL 2010: Makeup Test, Locking down location. It was difficult to predict the total budget, as BRAG were managing to procure a lot of services and equipment very much at the last minute for a drastically reduced price. Although BRAG were overseeing the production, Ian and I were in control of the overall spend; we […]

Making Get Well Soon – Part 6

April 2009: By April, a lot of stuff was organised. Shoot dates were now locked at 24-25 April and 1-2 May. BRAG had managed to get key crew on board. The crew, in turn, had worked wonders in pulling in favours for equipment, and thus slashing our projected budget. We had actors locked in to […]

Making Get Well Soon - Part 5

Making Get Well Soon – Part 5

Late Feb /March 2010 – Location, funding, crew and camera Towards the end of February, Ian and I began looking for a Location. In retrospect, this was one of the most difficult parts of the whole project, as we had very limited funding; a lot would depend on luck in finding a place that looked right, and […]

Making Get Well Soon - Part 4

Making Get Well Soon – Part 4

Feb 2010 – Production Support We received an email in mid Feb from BRAG Productions: “Alison and I both read the script yesterday and liked it very much.  We would really like to know your plans to shoot and see if and how we can be of help.” I’ve become an enormously cynical person over the […]

Making Get Well Soon - Part 3

Making Get Well Soon – Part 3

Writing & redrafting: (July 2009). Ian wanted to edit the piece rather than direct. We originally spent some time working with Ian’s director friend, Jack Burnford in July 2009. I hammered out first draft of roughly 30 pages. Even with the total lack of pressure at that point, it was very odd coming back to […]

Making Get Well Soon - Part 2

Making Get Well Soon – Part 2

First draft: Spring / Summer 2009. In the late 90’s, after having half-engaged in what had been advertised as a ‘creative writing degree’, I took a part-time job in a bookshop so I could focus on writing. I wrote a lot. A novel about a group of university students suffering under the yoke of their ennui, (boo hoo). A […]

The Last Job - by Matthew Loudon

The Last Job – by Matthew Loudon

From script to screen with two weeks in-between. The originally “untitled” virgin shorts project came about of need as much as want. Previously having not worked on a short for over a year, and having directed/produced, and often edited, somewhere in the region of 80 commercials since (from tour videos and film trailers, to 60 […]

Making Get Well Soon - Part 1

Making Get Well Soon – Part 1

In the Summer of 2009 I started writing what was projected to be a very low-budget short film with an editor friend. The plan was to make something as quickly and cheaply as possible, roping in favours from a few friends. By early 2010, the script was being realised by a 20 strong, industry experienced […]