Production Services

“BRAG Productions was the ideal partner when we needed to shoot an episode of The Beyond Series in the UK. From start to finish, their attitude was professional, proactive and “can do”, and they delivered exactly what we wanted, seamlessly and within budget”. Kyle Portbury, Creative Director (Film & TV), Adventist Media Network Australia


“Working with BRAG Productions on our expedition to climb Kilimanjaro was a complete pleasure. Their ability to work professionally with an unobtrusive and sensitive approach in often difficult terrain and conditions led to the production of an excellent high quality documentary film, which we are all extremely proud of.” Steven Ballantyne, CEO, Expedition Project Management (EPM)

No challenge is too great in our quest to support our film and television clients. Whether it’s resolving permit issues on the ground in Africa, putting together a crew for a major TV pilot in 72 hours, or replacing a director halfway through a shoot, we’re used to stepping up to the mark and not a lot phases us.

It helps of course that we have a fantastic little black book, thanks to our extensive and strong industry relationships. And that includes the executive side too – our lawyers, accountants, brokers and PR team are all leaders in their fields.  It also helps that we’re user friendly as well as efficient and experienced.

Our media clients range from major television networks in North America and Australia to director/writer teams, with everything else in between. We’re happy to help whatever level of support is needed.

Here are some examples of what we can help with – please Contact Us to discuss your specific needs.

Locations and logistics: We source and scout locations, and are experienced in all aspects of production logistics, from permits to catering.

Crew: Even at very short notice, we can put together a full crew or just an individual to plug a gap.

Equipment: Again, sourcing equipment and getting it to and from location is not a problem.

Contracts: Frequently the elephant in the room, but nevertheless essential to any production, we regularly take care of contracts.

Insurance: Another production essential, we can arrange insurance with our brokers.

Accounts: We always maintain and provide our clients with expense spreadsheets, and we can also organise more formal project accounts if required.

Budgets and schedules: Sometimes a bit of a wake up call, but it’s important to know from the outset how much a project is going to cost.  We often identify potential cost reductions as part of the budgeting and scheduling process.

Websites, social media and PR: We love designing and building simple but smart websites and connecting them to social media. Our PR team can help with promotion too.

Festivals: We’ve guided newcomers through the maze that is the festival circuit.

Finance and distribution: We do not finance or distribute films ourselves, but we’ve developed a wealth of experience and ideas in the context of our Slate, and we’re happy to share them.